Want to make your colleagues a servitude?

At SuitsYou by Sjölin we seek ambassadors at education institutions, companies and organisations across the country.

As an Ambassador to SuitsYou, you will help arrange measurement days and subsequent delivery days. We adapt our concept to your business or educational institution, so that we ensure the best possible solution for you. We usually stop by for lunchbreaks or for a Friday bar so that we disturb as little as possible.

At the measurement consultation, we help to design products, such as: tailored suits, tailored shirts and tailored coats, etc.

We also offer tailored solutions for women.

As an Ambassador, you will receive exclusive offers and products, as a thank you for your influence and all your help.

If you are interested in being an ambassador to your company or just want more information, please call us on phone: +454272 1782 or contact us at mail:

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