The mission of SuitsYou by Sjölin is to make it simple and clear for our customers to shop our products. We therefore offer personalised measuring in our showroom in Risskov, which is where we provide the personal consultation and measurement and here after providing a design configuration for the client. You can book an appointment here. If you wish to order online, it is possible for you to configure your suit here as well. All you need to do, is to follow the steps at our Measurement Guidance which is located under the page “design your own”. If you on the other hand want a faster solution, please see SuitsYou by Sjölin's front page, where our featured ready-to-wear jacket is located, click on these and you will be led directly to our Measurement Guidance.
SuitsYou by Sjölin can be contacted by contact@suitsyou.dk or at +45 42 72 17 82. Customer experience is highly prioritised at SuitsYou by Sjölin and we will therefore endeavour to respond within 24 hours.
Yes, we have a showroom in Risskov on Ravnsøvej 7, as well as a showroom in Copenhagen on Ricard Mortensen's Vej 65, 3, -1, 2300 Copenhagen S, where you can book an appointment here.
If you are in doubt about the colours, please feel free to contact us at contact@suitsyou.dk for more information. Optionally, you can book an appointment to see colour samples in our showroom in Risskov.
No, if you have made changes to your already purchased order, the item will be sent out. The order is therefore considered as binding. However, depending on the situation, we can be contacted via contact@suitsyou.dk, where the individual case will be assessed. However, this is very much dependent on how long after your order is placed, since our tailor may have already started to produce your personal tailored suit.
If the unlikely occurs, please contact us via contact@suitsyou.dk
We ship all our shipments via PostNord, who does door-to-door delivery. If you are not home to answer their call, the packaged will be delivered to the nearest post office. If agreed upon when booking, you can book pick-up here.
If you want you order wrapped as a gift, this is also an option at SuitsYou by Sjölin. Our gift option is charged as an additional fee of £4.
Yes! SuitsYou by Sjölin ships all their parcels via PostNord, and follows Danish regulations and legislation. Write an email to contact@suitsyou.dk if you have not received a Track & Trace number.
When you order products that are designed personally for you, you are unfortunately not allegeable to return your purchase at SuitsYou by Sjölin. The Personal Data Act stipulates that we must destroy all products we return, as it would be illegal to sell them further. For that reason, the right of return will cease, as we no longer have an opportunity for resale.
At SuitsYou by Sjölin the following payment options are possible: Dankort, VISA, MasterCard and MobilePay for payment at our showroom in Risskov.
SuitsYou by Sjölin has a cooperation agreement with a Thai factory, with more than 25 specialised tailors who make every customer 100% satisfied with the execution of their orders. We work exclusively with trusted collaborators, which we regularly visit to check on working conditions.
At SuitsYou by Sjölin corporate social responsibility is a vital part. We deal in all our dealings according to the ways of the law, and we are regularly in dialogue with our suppliers to ensure an always proper attitude towards our employees as well as our responsibility to the environment and society.
A confectionery product is produced through mass productions and will most often fit the single individual, whereas a tailored suit is carved specific to the measurement with the specific individual in mind, this gives an utmost fitting.
We have engaged in several production agreements with some of the leading textile manufactures in England and Italy e.g. our Super 140 and Cashmere suits are made from wool supplied by: Holland & Sherry: www.hollandandsherry.com - which with their more than 170 years of experience, is one of the world best textiles manufactures.
SuitsYou by Sjölin strives to have a short delivery time as possible. One should expect between 4-6 weeks delivery time. However, the production time is relatively long when it comes to a tailored suit. This happens because each product is produced from scratch. SuitsYou by Sjölin also sends everything past our main store before it is shipped to the customer. We do this to ensure the highest possible satisfaction with the customer. It is also in this process that we check every single suit for any defects or errors.
We have engaged in several fitting agreements with several Danish tailors, that will be at your assistance with small fittings or minor modifications, that you as a customer may want. SuitsYou by Sjölin also offers an extra service, namely that we already have added extra fabric into your tailored suit, in case that it at some point has to be sewn in or out. This also ensures a longer life of your bespoke suit!
If you have been measured by one of our sellers SuitsYou by Sjölin offers a fitting-guarantee. Therefore, we will make all the necessary adjustments completely free of charge. We strive to give all our customers a good experience when purchasing a tailored suit. If you on the other hand have measured yourself and you are not satisfied with the fitting upon reception, please contact contact@suitsyou.dk and we will find a solution as soon as possible.
Should the damage occur and a stain has produced or the like on your suit, SuitsYou by Sjölin recommends that you carefully wipe it with a damp cloth immediately after the accident. However, be very careful because this is a very sensitive product! We recommend that you always keep your suit in a suit bag, and from time to time sends it to a professional dry cleaner.
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