Measurement Guidance

If you want to ensure a perfect measurement, we recommend that you order a personal consultation in our showroom in Risskov, Aarhus. With our professional measurements, you also get a customisation guarantee, where we ensure that the fit of your suit fits perfectly according to your measures.

You can book a personal consultation here at our booking site

If taking a trip to our showroom is not a possibility, you have the opportunity to take the measurements yourself.

If you want to ensure the ideal measurement, it's important that you carefully follow every step of our measurement guide, as each detail is important to whether your new tailored suit will fit perfectly or not.

Since there are many different methods by which one can measure to a tailored suit, it is very important that you follow the guide with punctually and carefully study how SuitsYou by Sjölin do this.

We always recommend, that there you are 2 people in taking the measurements, and that you as a minimum take all the measurements twice – Take your time, and take the required percussions. 
Should you by any chance be in doubt about anything in relation to the measuring process, then feel free to contact SuitsYou by Sjölin. We are here for you!

Download our Measurement Guide here

You can view our instruction video here

We wish you all the best in your further proceedings

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