SuitsYou by Sjölin offer a wealth of services and different solutions for both men and women. We offer lucrative business agreements, discount packages and other reimbursement when purchasing in large quantities.

We produce suits, vests, shirts and coats that can be designed according to your wishes, in our showroom, both in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

We supply tailored suits for major auditing companies, professional athletes, The Royal Life Guard's annual 'Blue Galla' and many colleges around the country. Naturally, we also deliver to individuals who make up the biggest part of our natural revenue.

We can deliver virtually everything within tailored suits, so it's almost your own imagination that sets the limit for how your upcoming tailored suit will end up like. We are doing everything from spectacular cubes, to bright colours to classic types of tailored suits. You can therefore take pictures of suits you find interesting, which we can use in the design consultancy to create the perfect suit for you.

Naturally, to the tailored suit, it is also possible to create a tailored vest that is uniquely adapted to the suit.

However, we also provide other tailored solutions than just suits. Especially our tailored shirts are at high demand, which we can also design according to the customer's wishes. We can therefore deliver tailor-made shirts that are aimed at the businessman, but also in other designs that fit into more informal contexts.

Furthermore, SuitsYou by Sjölin also offers tailored coats in a unique design according to the customer's wishes. Since our coats, like our other tailored products, are created from scratch, therefore it should be possible to configure the jacket according to all your wishes.

In addition, we can supply certain accessories like bowties, handkerchiefs and ties, in a high quality,
 to match the chosen personal design solution.

We are always happy to hear from you - and we look forward to creating a product worthy of you.

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