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Shirts can be used in all contexts. The formal meeting, the romantic dinner date, the informal meeting with other people, and for parties. At SuitsYou by Sjölin, we provide tailor-made shirts at a price that matches other quality shirts on the market; The difference is that ours are tailored to your measures and not from a standardised measurement. We often experience customers who have previously used shirts, where they did not feel that they could breathe due to a tight collar around the neck; This is what we improve with our tailored shirts, in this way you do not need to worry about this being a problem, we do our utmost to make you fully comfortable in every of our shirts.

As with all our other customised products, you can get your shirt customised exactly in the way you want. You decide everything from the number of buttons in the sleeve, how the collar should be designed. This allows you to get a unique product that certainly differs from other products.

At SuitsYou at Sjölin one of our deepest cares is high conformity and therefore it is also very important for us that your tailored shirt suits you perfectly. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to be measured in our showroom, so that you can get a shirt that suits your exact measures.

A delicious, bespoke shirt is a must have in any wardrobe. A tailored shirt can be used for all occasions, and such a shirt ensures a strong first impression.

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