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Indeed, SuitsYou by Sjölin also create suits to women. When you order a tailored suit, you can choose whether you want tailored pants or a tailored skirt to the set. In addition, it is obviously for us, that you have the option to decide whether you want your tailored skirt in the same colour as your suit, or whether you want this in a different colour.

A skirt is regarded as an elegant tool to when you have to look appealing. Our experience is that a tailored skirt is considered to be a stylistic means to assist you in your personal appearance.

Our tailored skirts are produced, like our other tailored products, from scratch, which means we can interpret the customer's wishes into reality. In other words, it is only the imagination that sets the limits on how your tailored skirt shall be.

We have a widespread experience in producing tailored products like skirts, therefore we can fully guarantee and assure that the product you get fits perfect once our fitting phase has been completed.

We are would be very pleased to have an informal conversation about your imminent bespoke product. We are fully convinced that we can help create a product for you that you will be completely satisfied with.


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