Tailored suit for the modern gentleman

A tailored suit is not just a suit. At SuitsYou by Sjölin, we make it a virtue in telling our customers that there is a huge difference between a confectionery suit and a tailored suit. We do not just because we want to sell more. We do this not just because we want to sell more. But because there is a difference between a standardised suit and a product that you design, customise and configure. You can book a consultation in Arhus and Copenhagen at our booking page. You are also welcomed to contact us by phone at: 4272 1782.


For those who will not settle for the "standard solution"

We often find that people come to us with a desire for a product that they cannot find in normal stores;
-Either because they have a different attitude than the standardised measures or because they just want something unique.
 That is precisely what we offer. An unique solution that not only complements one's personal attires, but also brings forth the confidence of the user.

We once had a customer in our showroom. He had never been able to find a suit that suited him properly. It had led him to miscellaneous parties, dressed up in a suit that in no way suited him. 
After our professional measuring technique, our design configuration phase and a fitting phase, we found the perfect solution to the customer. He was so pleased with the suit that he ordered additional two suits on site. For now, he has finally found a place where he could buy clothes that suited him.

A quality that lasts

Our tailored suits come in different quality types, depending on your desires. We offer everything from our unique Italian luxury quality, to our very popular wool / cashmere quality. Our tailored suits are obviously also quality tested and we have, among other things, had our tailored suit tested on a military training course to test the wear resistance – Naturally, our suits came through, passing the test easily!

Tailored suits for all of Denmark

We have a widespread of experience in the field of tailored suits, and we are always ready to take an informal conversation about your future suits. You can meet us at our offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen, but we are also regularly found in particular: Aalborg, Randers, Herning, Esbjerg, Kolding, Vejle, Horsens, Odense and Roskilde. Give us a call and inquire information about where and when we come to your town.

Contact us now

With our experience in mind, we know that we can make a suit that fits you. We know that we can make a tailored suit that you will be more than pleased with. Thus, let us help you, create a daunting solution. Naturally, we provide suit solutions for both females and men, private and business.


Call us at +45 4272 1782 or send an email to

Then we guarantee a solution that meets your needs. You can also book an appointment for a professional measuring at our showroom in either Aarhus or Copenhagen: Book an appointment now!

-You haven’t tried a proper suit, until you’ve tried a tailored suit from SuitsYou by Sjölin-.

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